What Are the Different Types of Vape Equipment

Ever since the birth of the vape industry, a wide array of vaping equipment hit the market real quick. And with 7 out of 10 Aussies looking to switch from the health-degrading traditional smoking to the healthier vaping, vape equipment like the ones from https://vapecloudaust.com.au/ are sprouting like mushrooms.

As a newcomer to the vaping world, choosing your first vape equipment can be quite daunting. To start your shopping journey, you will first need to be aware of the different types of vape apparatus available today.

There are mainly 3 kinds of vaping equipment.

  1. Cig-a-likes

The first generation e-cigarettes, cig-a-likes are devices designed to actually look like the traditional cigarette sticks you once puffed. These devices are about the same size and shape as the normal cigar stick, but they do come in 2 different styles— the disposable ones and the refillable ones.

These types of vape equipment are quite popular for the new vapers, since they are super easy to use, especially if you have the disposable ones. The disposable kind can be thrown away once it runs out of e-liquid, while the refillable kind is, well, can be refilled.

Cig-a-like, however, does not create much vapour like other vapes. Plus, both varieties have an only a limited amount of vape juice to contain, so you will need o regularly purchase refills or new cig-a-likes. Still, cig-a-like is the best option for beginners who want to have a taste of vapes.

  1. Vape pens

Also called the e-go, the pen-style vaping equipment is a step ahead of the cig-a-likes. These second-generation vape features larger tanks with longer-lasting batteries. As a matter of fact, a fully-charged, fully-filled vape pen can last you at least 3 days, depending on how often and how much you vape.

Vape pens, like those from https://vapecloudaust.com.au/, feature clearomisers, have larger tanks that can hold more vape juice than the cig-a-likes. But, vape pens have better innovation than the first-generation vapes.

For one, they have the battery safety feature that automatically shuts the device off after a couple of seconds. Also, vape pens allow you to regulate the voltage, with some can go up to 80 Watts. You will feel satisfied for every puff. So, you can achieve the desired size of clouds you puff or the throat hit.

  1. Box mods

Lastly, we have the newest generation of vaping equipment—the box mods. Short for modified e-cigarette, box mods are a type of vape apparatus, like the ones found at https://vapecloudaust.com.au/, which combined the portability of cig-a-likes and the power of vape pens and took it to the next level.

These are larger and more capable pieces of vape apparatus that are suitable for the advanced vapers. The extra size typically means longer battery life and better performance, more commonly in the form of external vape batteries.

In addition, box mods also boast improved features and settings, like temperature control and variable wattage. Tanks can be the direct lung sub-ohm tanks or mouth to lung clearomisers that carry more amounts of e-juice for you to puff.