Up and Down The Stairs: Why You Should Go With Metal?

Stairs — they are an integral part of any kind of building, whether commercial or residential. https://www.invilfab.co.nz/

And while you may start choosing a staircase design, choosing the right material is far more important. Since stairs are used numerous times a day, you will need to choose a cost-effective, reliable and aesthetically-pleasing material. And one such material providing these benefits is structural metal.

Customizable in design and modern in style, metal stairs are a popular choice for businesses and homes alike. And with various handrail and tread options added to the mix, customized metal stairs like the ones offered in https://www.invilfab.co.nz/ can work into almost any interior design style!

Not convinced?

Well, here are some reasons why metal for stairs is the best!

1. Hardy Material That Lasts A Lifetime

Probably the biggest reason why you should choose metal stairs is because of its superb sturdiness and durability. Being an extremely strong, metal staircases can hold up extreme conditions and excessive weight and is almost 5 times stronger than wood or concrete staircases.

In addition, structural metal stairs are made to last a lifetime. Metals like steel will not rot or corrode. Outdoors, metal stairs can also withstand environmental pressure and will not warp even after the coldest of winters. Unlike wooden or concrete stairs, metals are also free from pests and other environmental damages.

Not only that, metals will maintain its attractive look for years and should not show any sights of wear, especially in high traffic areas.

2. The Versatility is No Joke

Want a minimalist straight staircase? Or perhaps you’re more attracted to intricate spiral and curved staircase?

Regardless of what appeals to you, metal provides you endless design options. From the simplistic modern design to the ornate railings with all its curves, you will be able to achieve the look you want and make your staircase a centerpiece of your home or office.

In addition, companies like https://www.invilfab.co.nz/ ooffer custom-built metal staircases that can fit almost any space, so you have the extra room for furniture and appliances for home entertainment.

3. Easy On Your Wallet

Believe it or not, metal stairs are relatively cheaper than wood, concrete or other materials used to manufacture stairs.

And that’s not all, considering its sturdiness, adaptability, aesthetic appeal and longevity, metal is one of the most valuable materials for building stairs.

What’s more, is that the method of metal stair fabrication is cheap. How? Well, all components like the handrails and stairs are individually fabricated and arrive on-site, ready to assemble. Such process saves a lot of resources and expenses.

4. Regular Maintenance No More

With metal staircases, you never have to worry about painting, sealing or those extensive vacuuming every now and then, it will be a thing of the past.

Now, the maintenance of outdoor stairs is even better. You only need to shovel or sweep off dirt or snow off your stairs and you should be able to go up and down with ease!

So, if you’re finally convinced with metal power and interested in improving the functionality and aesthetics of your residential or commercial building in Australia with metal stairs, check out https://www.invilfab.co.nz/. They have the tools and experience to create customized and reliable metal stairs of your dreams for any space.